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A Week In Film #282: Driving missus crazy

Blood title screen
Strong (but by no means perfect) British crime thriller, with Paul Bettaney and Stephen Graham two very different brothers working as detectives in the shadow of their now ailing father (Brian Cox). Apparently a remake of a TV serial, both of which were written by Bill Gallagher, with Nick Murphy directing this feature version.

The closest I can pitch this to is the original Insomnia – in terms of tone, mood, poise, pitch and plot.

Hummingbird title screen
Another decent Stath picture, and again has a very 70s Burt Reynolds or Lee Marvin kind of a feel to it. Here he is a messed up ex-soldier, alcoholic, AWOL and homeless on the streets of London, who happens upon a chance to become someone else and possibly dig himself out of his hole – though only by doing some very unpleasant things. And along the way, a chance for redemption.

It’s not Great Art, but it is a solid directing debut for scriptwriter Steven Knight.

Alpha Dog title screen
Alpha Dog
Much more engaging than I thought it would be – some unlikeable young middle class Californian drug dealers kidnap and plot to kill the kid brother of someone who owes them money. A proper sense of foreboding, and commendable committed performances from Ben Foster, Shawn Hatosy, Justin Timberlake, Emile Hirsch, Anton Yelchin and others. Kudos, Nick Cassavetes.

Haywire title screen
Snappy actioner from Steven Soderbergh tailored to fit former stuntwoman Gina Carano in the lead as a former Special Forces operative now in the private sector and being stitched up. Bill Paxton as her dad, Michael Fassbender as an MI6 officer, Channing Tatum as an ex-colleague, Ewan McGregor her old boss, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Mathieu Kassovitz…