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A Week In Film #012: Dozen down

Battle Royale title screen

Batoru Rowaiaru/Battle Royale
Bit of a let down, I found. Delinquent Japanese school children are dumped on a remote island with weapons, and have to fight their way off – no quarter given, last pupil standing.

Bloody Pit Of Horror title screen

Il Boia Scarlatto/Bloody Pit Of Horror
Bizarre Italian horror, about a bunch of models on a photographic shoot for pulp paperback covers getting topped in a spooky old castle.

Sorcerer title screen

William Friedkin tackles The Wages Of Fear; four men running away from their pasts end up on a suicide mission driving unstable explosives in the jungle.

55 Days At Peking title screen

55 Days At Peking
Turgid, never-ending propaganda epic about the Boxer Rebellion.

Scanners title screen

David Cronenberg’s mind warrior thriller, works well in a double ill with De Palma’s The Fury.