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A Week In Film #179: Ray of sunshine

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes
Last of the proper Apes, J Lee Thompson back for a second bite – and this time we shoot forward in time from Conquest, but well before POTA.

Confused? Don’t worry, all you need to know is that Roddy McDowall is back as Caesar, reforging a tentative alliance of humans and simians after a nuclear holocaust. Budget has plummeted even further, so it all looks a bit cheap, but the story’s there, it’s engaging, it’s fun, it’s even scary in places.

Behind The Planet Of The Apes
Whilst put together in that irritating American TV format (star presents it, long interviews cut down to tiny blips and dotted around all over the place, crappy orchestral music cues letting you know when to feel happy, sad etc), a surprisingly informative doc about the POTA franchise. Lots of background and context to the series, plenty of behind the scenes anecdotes, and a genuine fondness for the films.

21 Jump Street
TV police show from the 80s gets the Starsky & Hutch-style big screen tongue-in-cheek remake treatment, with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as a chalk-and-cheese pair of cops reassigned to an undercover unit infiltrating high schools.

Starts slow but soon gets into the groove. Nice cameo scene from series originals Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise. Ice Cube gets a nice bit as your “angry, black Captain (it ain’t nothing’ but a stupid stereotype)”. Lots of fun updating the standard high school tribe tropes.