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A Week In Film #344: Rough with the smooth

Assault On Wall Street title screen
Assault On Wall Street
Hold onto your hats – it’s an Uwe Boll joint! But to be fair, it’s really nowhere near his worst. That’s not to say it;’s good, though. Dominic Purcell is a security guard who goes postal when the banking crisis wipes out his family’s savings just when they need it to pay his wife’s medical bills. Eric Roberts, Keith David and Edward Furlong all add a certain amount of gravitas anything Boll-related simply does not deserve.

Breakout title screen
Low grade genre business from hack journeyman Damian Lee, with Brendan Fraser as an eco protester who has to bust out of gaol to rescue his kids, who have witnessed a murder in the forest and are now being pursued by gunmen Dominic Purcell and Ethan Suplee.

Sin title screen
Gary Oldman’s paying-for-the-divorce movie, in which he’s a bad guy persecuting cop Ving Rhames. Terrible. Directed by Michael Stevens (who had an associate producer credit for The Thin Red Line) from a script by one-time Madonna paramour novelist Tim Willocks.

At Close Range title screen
At Close Range
Rural Pennsylvanian crime family ruled by dad Christopher Walken implodes when his brutality estranges son Sean Penn. Early James Foley feature, based on the real life Johnston family.

Jurassic World title screen
Jurassic World
Fun reboot of the Michael Crichton reanimated dinosaurs franchise, with Chris Pratt enjoying himself as a slacker raptor trainer, and Bryce Dallas Howard out of her comfort zone as an operations manager forced on the run in inappropriate heels. A big budget triumph for indie director Colin Trevorrow.