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A Week In Film #287: Über Alles

Now You See Me title screen
Now You See Me
Irritatingly muggy caper flick, with no sense of real jeopardy, or time, or anything – just one CGI-assisted spectacle after the next. I like Louis Leterrier’s Transporter films. They were silly but fun. This was silly and a chore. Even the twist – which I didn’t see coming till quite late – was spoiled for me because by that point I really didn’t care.

American Hustle title screen American Hustle
I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t in a room with two people having a running commentary about how unpleasant the characters were and how unbelievable the story was. Arrrrgh!

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa title screen
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
As good as I had hoped, and again showing progression for Norfolk’s best-loved son. Colm Meaney is great. Felicity Montagu (as always) is great. Phil Cornwell is great as an even more tragic than normal Dave Clifton. Alan’s singing along to Roachford is immense.