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A Week In Film #160: Never crossed a picket line

The Last Of The Mohicans
Michael Kenneth Mann takes on James Fenimore Cooper with assistance from Daniel Day Lewis.

It seems to be more a remake of the earlier, 1936 adaptation rather than a faithful rendition of the novel (I’m currently reading it to the wee man, and there’s shitloads in there missing from the movie). Certainly it’s a shame to change our hero’s name from Natty Bumpoo – reckon that would’ve played brilliantly in the UK market.

Damien: Omen II
Not as good as the original, but still strong stuff – this time the antichrist is a teenager at military academy, cue lots of grisly deaths. Bit long-winded towards the end though.

A Prayer For The Dying
Slightly crap IRA-man-loses-faith-in-armed-struggle film, with Mike Hodges directing adaptation of a Jack Higgins potboiler; apparently there was a bit of studio butchery in post, which explains a lot.

Mickey Rourke quite good as the gunman-gone-AWOL; Bob Hoskins quite good as the (ahem) ex-SAS trooper-turned-priest; Camille Coduri quite good (her from Nuns On The Run) as – get this – the priest’s blind niece; Alan Bates bloody annoying as London gangster.

Also early appearances from Liam Neeson, Alison Doody (Last Crusade) and Christopher Fulford. Nice period locations around London.