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A Week In Film #035: A huge shit sandwich

The Big Sleep title screen

The Big Sleep
Bogart, Bacall, an impenetrable plot, the world’s foxiest book seller, dialogue so fast it’s like watching a whirlwind tear across the screen. Stone cold classic.

Porky's title screen

Not a stone cold classic, but funny in a vacant-headed kind of way, if you try not to think too deeply about the rather unsavoury story.

Party Monster title screen

Party Monster
Macaulay Culkin tries to reposition himself post-Home Alone by playing the unpleasant, troubled, drug-addled, murderous New York party promoter and one-man Leopold & Loeb, Michael Alig.

Porky's II title screen

Porky’s II: The Next Day
A sequel which bears almost no relation to the first film. There’s some sub-Footloose angle about uptight town elders opposing a Shakespeare festival at the high school because it’s all so lewd.

Rear Window title screen

Rear Window
The LLF wanted to try out some Hitchcock, so I wheeled this out. Love the James Stewart/Grace Kelly/Thelma Ritter three-way, love the dress, love the stagey apartment block set (and yet so filmic), love the burst of heat when the flash bulbs pop off.

36 Quai Des Orfèvres title screen

36 Quai Des Orfèvres
A decent hardboiled policier about the struggle between two French cops – Daniel Auteil and Gerard Depardieu – each running their own anti-blagging teams in Paris. Sort of like Heat but with no focus on the robber.