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A Week In Film #518: Ticking over

12 Strong
Thoroughly two-dimensional Afghanistan War business, with Chris Hemsworth leading a team of Green Berets on a mission to hook up with Abdul Dostum’s Northern Alliance and battle the Taliban. The odd movement of interest, but mostly lots of empty platitudes, orientalism and confusingly filmed action scenes. Debut feature from Nicolai Fuglsig, who previously did the advert with all them bouncing balls in San Francisco.

The Post
Truth-bending historical drama, with Meryl Streep as Washington Post proprietor Katy Graham and Tom Hanks as her editor Ben Bradlee. Bit of a snow job from Spielberg, given how it was the New York Times that broke the Pentagon Papers story; and All The President’s Men made the newspaper game seem more exciting/interesting.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol title screenMission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Brad Bird’s very fun contribution to the franchise, with stand-out scenes breaking Hunt out of Russian chokey at the start, and the Burj Khalifa job in Dubai.