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A Week In Film #068: Spies

Quantum Of Solace
I know that this didn’t get the props that Casino Royale got, but I think it works well, developing the theme of Bond’s shift from efficient but cocky trainee shitkicker towards a totally amoral, ruthless assassin. Bond hunts down the people behind Vesper’s death, and shines a light on a previously unknown, transnational terrorist group.

Action sequences like the opening car chase, the Port Au Prince bike pursuit, the fight in the Haitian hotel room, the Bolivian hotel evasion, and the La Paz bar assault are all excellent (and clearly influenced by the more gritty style seen in the Bourne films), though there is also plenty of old style Bond nonsense (drowning in oil, the eco-hotel finale, the aeroplane escape) to balance things out. Smoothly directed by Marc Forster. Daniel Craig excellent. Judi Dench annoying (still).