About AWIF

Hullo there, and welcome to AWIF. I think you may have arrived here by mistake, but welcome nonetheless.

AWIF is probably of very limited interest to anyone else. It’s not a collection of reviews so much as an aide memoire for me to be able to remember what films I’ve seen that week – whether I enjoyed or hated them, and how they’re connected to other movies. I doubt you will find any particularly unique insight here.

Originally AWIF was part of my main online home, Bristle’s Blog From The BunKRS, but the weekly ‘what-I’ve-watched’ posts were beginning to drown out my other (occasional) posts on serious subjects.

So – much as I did with the vast swathes of film and TV screengrab-related posts I used to publish at BunKRS which in January 2013 I hived off to their own blog, Screenage Kicks – I have decided to give AWIF its own discrete little corner of the internet.

There you go: not a very exciting story, not a very exciting blog. Thanks for swinging by.

BristleKRS, July 2014.

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