A Week In Film #587: Two-thirds

Zodiac title screen
David Fincher tackles serial killers for the first time, and on reflection it is a very accomplished, creepy piece of work, based on San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist Robert Graysmith’s account.

Black And Blue title screen
Black And Blue
Military veteran (Naomie Harris) returns to her old ends in New Orleans as a rookie cop, and soon finds herself embroiled in some major shit. Frank Grillo is a bent narc on her tail. Fairly accomplished thriller from Deon Taylor, who is not someone whose work I have come across before, but who is clearly talented.

The Flintstones title screen
The Flintstones
Fucking awful live action version of the Stone Age-set Hanna-Barbera cartoon, which was itself memorably inspired by popular-at-the-time sitcom The Honeymooners. Boorish quarry worker Fred (John Goodman) pursues personal advancement at the expense of friendship, ends up a patsy in his boss’ shenanigans, learns valuable lessons about What’s Really Important, etc. With Rick Moranis as Barney Rubble, Elizabeth Perkins as Wilma, Rosie O’Donnell as Betty, plus Kyle McLachlan, Halle Berry and Elizabeth Taylor. Directed by Brian Levant, written by committee (including Steven E de Souza of Die Hard fame).

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