A Week In Film #584: Dang

[Catch Me If You Can title screen]
Catch Me If You Can
Enjoyable inspired by a true story romp from Steven Spielberg, sourced from Frank Abagnale’s ghosted memoir about his globetrotting teenage exploits as a cheque forger and conman. Leonardo DiCaprio full commits in the lead, with Tom Hanks his dogged FBI pursuer.

[Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi title screen]
Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi
Rian Johnson takes the baton from JJ Abrams and delivers a credible Empire analogue. Some stiff scripting (and some less than lively performances), but Oscar Isaac is excellent as Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren is a great villain, and we get the return of Luke Skywalker.

[Alien: Covenant title screen]
Alien: Covenant
Ridley Scott’s third bite of the xenomorph cherry, and boy does a lot of the CGI creature work look a bit ropey on the small screen now. Convoluted plot, which revisits too much from the first two movies, but some strong moments. Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup and Danny McBride turn in decent performances.

[Minions title screen]
Throwaway sidequel, with Despicable Me’s wee helpers in search of a new evil overlord, leading them naturally to the British royal family. Unexceptional, but moderately diverting.

[Captain America: The First Avenger title screen]
Captain America: The First Avenger
Solid legend-building from Joe Johnston, giving us the origin of Cap. Weedy kid Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), in his desperation to join the Army in WW2, in enrolled onto a secretive ‘super-soldier’ programme, and turned into a buff hero battling evil Nazis. Hugo Weaving is great as the bad guy, Hydra boss Schmidt; Hayley Atwell is Peggy Carter; Dominic Cooper is Iron Man’s dad Howard Stark.

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