A Week In Film #580: Jingle balls

CHIPS title screen
Had terrible reviews, but I rather enjoyed Dax Shepherd’s reboot of the 70s/80s cops show, with himself as an ageing x-cross rider paired up with Michael Peña’s undercover FBI agent on the trail of a gang of bent California bike cops. Vincent D’Onofrio channels Apocalypse Now-era Brando as the chief baddie.

Underbelly Files: Chopper title screen
Underbelly Files: Chopper
Frankly a bit of a turd in the UB canon. Aaron Jeffery seems to be doing an impression of Eric Bana playing the infamous standover man, and there’s no real exploration of either Read the man or Chopper the legend. Having Vince Colosimo, Kevin Harrington and Debra Byrne reprise their earlier roles is cheap, seeing as none is given anything of note to do. Given that the director Peter Andrikidis previously helmed season one of Underbelly (as well as the imperfect latter-day sidequel Fat Tony & Co), plus decent stuff like Bikie Wars and Killing Time, it looks like the finger of blame may be better directed at screenwriter Justin Monjo.

Get Santa title screen
Get Santa
Nice little Brit Christmas flick, with Jim Broadbent as Santa, in chokey following a sleigh crash, and Rafe Spall as a recently paroled gaolbird persuaded by his son to help salvage Christmas. Written and directed by Christopher Smith.

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