A Week In Film #561: Trying all-new

[Stand Up Guys title screen]
Stand Up Guys
Old school gangster Al Pacino comes out of prison after long sentence, is met by pal Christopher Walken, they break out fellow aged hood Alan Arkin from a nursing home, reminisce about crimes past, and get caught between a rock and a half place, all against the clock. Low key, low energy, low expectations – but surprisingly decent. Helmed by actor-turned-director Fisher Stevens.

[The 12th Man title screen]
Den 12 Mann AKA The 12th Man
Wartime actioner about the only survivor of a Norwegian army sabotage team going on the run from the Nazis, and the civilians who help him. 

A Scandi Bravo Two Zero-meets-The Guns Of Navarone with touches of Touching The Void and 127 Hours. Directed by Harald Zvark, excellent central performance from Thomas Gullestad.

[Insidious: Chapter Two title screen]
Insidious: Chapter Two
Bonkers house-haunting franchise bollocks from director James Wan and scriptwriter Leigh Whannell – can’t remember anything about it, but it did have Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne in the lead roles, and they’re normally pretty solid.

[Hereditary title screen]
Dark-as-shit psychological horror, with Toni Collette the matriarch of a suburban family where all manner of unpleasant shit is unfolding. From Ari Aster, with the cast rounded out by Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff and Milly Shapiro.
[Brain On Fire title screen]
Brain On Fire
Definitely in the Hallmark-on-speed ball park, in this BASED ON A TRUE STORY melodrama Chloë Grace Moretz plays a young New York Post reporter who is laid low by a mysterious condition that everyone around her takes to be either alcoholism, drug use or acute mental illness. Directed by Gerard Barrett from the autobiography of Susannah Calahan. Carrie-Anne Moss and Richard Armitage as her divorced parents – each over-protective and dysfunctional in their own way – are great.

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