A Week In Film #554: 67% NEW

Suspect title screen
A totally 80s movie – Cher, Dennis Quaid, a mute Liam Neeson, courtroom shenanigans, half-serious cynicism and world-weary idealism, cracking score by Michael Kamen, taut direction from Peter Yates. Never tire of Cher’s (unscripted?) giggle at the very end.

Hunter Killer title screen
Hunter Killer
Obviously not great – a big action movie with Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman and Common that you have not ever heard of? There’s your first klaxons right there – but surprisingly not actually 100% terrible. Perfunctory would seem to cover most bases. Maverick US sub captain (Butler) finds himself on a rescue mission when renegade Russian defence minister (Mikhail Gorevoy) stages a coup against his more liberal minded president; hawkish American admiral Oldman wants to start tapping out nuclear codes, but cooler naval mind Common pushes for a SEAL team extraction (led by The Camomile Lawn’s Toby Stephens). Michael Nyqvist serves as the obligatory Russian sub commander trying to outwit the Yanks on the sea bed. Directed by Donovan Marsh,

Murder Mystery title screen
Murder Mystery
Not the worst Netflix Original starring Adam Sandler – here as a shlubby New York cop who finally takes his wife (the very excellent Jennifer Aniston) on the trip to Europe he always promised her; quickly they become embroiled in a silly murder-mystery surrounding the family of rich idiots they’ve accidentally become attached to. Directed by Kyle Newacheck, written by James Vanderbilt.

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