A Week In Film #553: Borrowed, blue

The Late Shift title screen
The Late Shift
Really rather dull HBO ‘dramatisation’ of a book about the 1991-1993 battle between Jay Leno and David Letterman to succeed Johnny Carson at <i.The Tonight Show. Could have been far more compelling – or at the very least, funny – than it is here. Directed by Hill Street Blues alumna-turned-successful helmsman Betty Thomas. This is not her best outing.

Independence Day title screen
Independence Day
Not seen this all the way through, ever since I fell asleep during a cinema date in 1996. Still not seen it all in one go. But it’s less rubbish than I remember it, though hella cheesy.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 title screen
Kill Bill: Volume 1
Absolutely too long, but dang, some lovely fight sequences – Veronica and Crazy 88s fights in particular.

Avengers: Infinity War title screen
Avengers: Infinity War
Absolutely no fucking idea what was going on, but the odd interesting moment, and the kids were into it, so…

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