A Week In Film #547: One familiar

Posse title screen
Could have been great, turned out turgid. Mario Van Peebles gives us a Western where (most of) the protagonists are black – kicking back against racists all the way from Cuba back to the States. Some flash camera moves, nice cast – including Tiny Lister, BDK, Tone Lōc, Charles Lane, Billy Zane as a panto villain, and a Baldwin (Stephen) as token Nice White Guy – and interesting subject matter never quite elevates the movie. An inexorably long and tedious ‘climactic’ fight scene doesn’t help.

Agatha And The Truth Of Murder title screenAgatha And The Truth Of Murder
Somewhat pedestrian ‘what if?’ drama about the crime author’s brief (and well-publicised) disappearance in 1926, done up like one of her own murder mysteries. Ruth Bradley plays the writer, the cast of suspects includes Dean Andrews, Tim McInnerny and Blake Harrison, with Pippa Haywood and Ralph Ineson as allies. Interesting but not massively exciting.

The Fugitive title screen
The Fugitive
Strong energy here – Harrison Ford as the surgeon framed for his own wife’s murder who goes on the run to prove his innocence; Tommy Lee Jones is leading the manhunt. Andrew Davis directs. Zippy script from Jeb Stuart and David Twohy.

La Noche De 12 Años title screen
La Noche De 12 Años AKA A Twelve Year Night
Properly sapping drama about a trio of leftists who spent twelve years being ghosted around various gaols, dungeons and unofficial prisons – in between bouts of torture – after the Uruguayan military went all gloves-off in its war against the Tupamaros in 1973. Strong conception from director Álvaro Brechner, who avoids falling back on over-familiar ‘big house’ tropes, and performances from Antonio de la Torre, Chino Darín and Alfonso Tort.

Ghost In The Shell title screen
Ghost In The Shell
Okay, so I wan’t massively paying attention, but this American take on a Japanese manga zipped along nicely. Directed by Rupert Saunders, Scarlett Johansson the star. Not a scooby what the plot is.

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