A Week In Film #508: Talk

The Negotiator title screen
The Negotiator
Sam Jackson as an expert police hostage negotiator forced to pull some rabbits out of the hat when he finds himself framed. Bonkers and tacky – my favourite blend for a highly watchable thriller. Good, clichéd, trope-stuffed stuff from F Gary Gary, with a cast crammed with the likes of Kevin Spacey, David Morse, JT Walsh, Ron Rifkin, John Spencer, Paul Giamatti, Michael Cudlitz, Dean Norris and Paul Guilfoyle.

Self/Less title screen
So/so near future body shock thriller from Tarsem Singh, with sick tycoon Ben Kingsley buying a new body to live longer from shady high-end body swap company. He’s pretty stoked to end up injected into Ryan Reynolds’ buff physique, but all is not quite what it seems. Solid.

Jason Bourne title screen
Jason Bourne
Paul Greengrass has a third bite of the cherry, and to be honest, it’s starting to smell a bit rotten. Very much sale old, same old – jitter cam fights, spying on the spies, moody pouting etc. Tommy Lee Jones gets the ageing spook boss gig, Vincent Cassel’s the main Asset, Riz Ahmed a tech bro who’s out of his depth, and Alicia Vikander as a fast-track CIA cyber specialist. Julia Stiles returns, and there’s various locales to run around in – but it all feels like a retread.

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