A Week In Film #479: Non-exceptional

Patriots Day title screenPatriots Day
So-so telling of the Boston bombing, switching between the viewpoints of beat cop Mark Wahlberg and fuckwit explosive enthusiasts Alex Wolff and Themo Melikidze. Decent enough from Chicago Hope alum Peter Berg.

Bridge Of Spies title screenBridge Of Spies
A film of two halves – the opening section, focusing on Abel and Donovan and their relationship, with occasional cutaways to Powers and his comrades’ induction into the U2 programme – is deftly pulled together, with plenty of visual treats, and Hanks and Rylance each providing meaty screen performances. But over the hump and it’s a rather leaden take on the Cold War spooky Berlin tropes. Which is a shame, but still, a mediocre Spielberg movie is still functionally far superior than most directors’ best efforts. Never before noticed that the Coen Brothers were responsible in large part for the script.

TITLEalongcameaspiderAlong Came A Spider
After a fairly diverting opening – rich kid kidnapped from private school under the nose of extensive security detail by master criminal in disguise (Michael Wincott) – takes a nosedive sharpish, despite Morgan Freeman as the driven cop on his trail, etc. Not a great thriller from Lee Tamahori, and not even the best of the uniformly no-more-than-mediocre Alex Cross adaptations.

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