A Week In Film #477: Sacré bleu

Back To The Future
Still great after all these years, though the racism/cultural imperialism angle definitely shows through more now.

The Foreigner
Could have been so great – Jackie Chan as a Chinese special forces dude out to avenge his daughter, murdered by dissident Irish republicans in London, Pierce Brosnan as a Gerry Adams type – but quickly becomes turgid. A couple of nice action sequences and that’s your lot.

Men In Black
Never seen it; now I’ve seen it, and that’s that, really. Decent enough interplay between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the odd amusing bit, Vincent D’Onofrio paying the mortgage as an alien villain.

Another Netflix Exclusive that coulda, shoulda, but misfired heavily. Will Smith as an LAPD cop paired up against his wishes with the department’s first and only orc cop (Joel Edgerton) in an alternate reality where humans uneasily coexist with various other magical series (including fairies and elves). There’s a bit of a quest element, chase scenes, a bit of odd couple bickering, and some nice performances – it’s just it does not add up to the sum of its parts, let alone an improvement on them. Directed by David Ayer, written by Max Landis.

The Man With The Iron Heart
The assassination of Heydrich gets yet another film iteration, closely on the tail of 2016’s Anthropoid. This one’s based on Laurent Binet’s non-fiction/novel mash-up HHhH, but sticks very much to the trad tropes. Jason Clarke plays Hitler’s brain, Jack O’Connell leads the son Czechs. Directed conventionally by Cédric Jimenez, who also gave us possibly the most pedestrian squandering of Dujardin and Lellouche in recent memory in La French.

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