A Week In Film #471: On the ‘Flix

Backtrack title screen
So-so psychological thriller from Doug Anthony All Stars accomplice Michael Peroni, with a dewy-eyed shrink (Adrien Brodie) returning to his childhood home in a bid to shake off a recurring waking nightmare. With Bruce Spence and Sam Neill.

[Captain Phillips title screen]
Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks directed by Paul Greengrass, Barkhad Abdi as a Somali pirate. Quite watchable.

Security title screen
Utterly shit VOD mashup of Die Hard and any thriller about bad guys trying to eliminate a witness, set in a shopping centre, with Antonio Banderas a special forces vet recently hired as a mall cop throwing a spanner into the works when bad guy level boss Ben Kingsley comes to sow some mayhem.

Run All Night title screenRun All Night
Minor Full Neeson, with His Liamness a soaked former mob enforcer dragged back into the game when his striving-to-be-straight son Joel Kinnaman gets caught up in some gangland shenanigans. Enjoyable turns from Ed Harris, Vincent D’Onofrio, Common and Bruce McGill, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.


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