A Week In Film #456: Love triangle

Frank & Cindy 2007 title screen
Frank & Cindy (2007)
Odd doc by GJ Echternkamp about his odd parents – mom Cindy, a rarely-truthful former groupie of some kind, and step-dad Frank, a one-hit-wonder from the 80s who has since become an alcoholic of limited horizons. Starts off mean, ends sort of happy-ish.

Mission: Impossible 2 title screen
Mission: Impossible 2
It’s not so much IMF as a particularly diminutive and shaggily-haired American Bond doing lots of John Woo style gunplay and wire-assisted leaping around. Not exactly engaging.

The Honorary Consul title screen
The Honorary Consul
Rather dull adaptation by the usually excellent John Mackenzie of Graham Greene’s novel. Michael Caine is the titular British honorary consul in an unnamed South American dictatorship, where half-English doctor Richard Gere has got himself tangled up with local guerrillas and into a love triangle. Some solid performers, including Elpidia Carrillo, Bob Hoskins, A Martinez, Joaquim de Almeida and Geoffrey Palmer.


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