A Week In Film #431: Minor

Hell Is For Heroes title screen
Hell Is For Heroes
Minor war movie from Don Siegel, which whilst not wholly memorable is notable for being one of Steve McQueen’s earliest starring roles. Here he is a battle-hardened and battle-weary former NCO who is assigned to a unit which was expecting to be rotated off the front line. Naturally this means it almost immediately faces a surprise German attack; McQueen soon has to take charge.

Not original, but very competent.

London Boulevard title screen
London Boulevard
Low key, noirish character-based crime drama/thriller, based on a book I haven’t read by an author I hadn’t heard of.

Colin Farrell is exemplary in the lead as a recently released con drawn back into a life he wanted to leave, Anna Friel his loopy sister, Keira Knightley the movie star he builds a doomed relationship with. Directed with conviction and style by William Monahan, who scripted the similarly hazy The Departed. Strong hints of Mike Hodges’ work – Get Carter, Croupier and I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.

Nice if underwritten turns from Stephen Graham, David Thewlis and Ben Chaplin, with Ray Winstone as an horrific gang boss.

Interview With A Serial Killer title screen
Interview With A Serial Killer
Straight forward talking head type documentary by Christopher Martin with multiple murderer Arthur Shawcross, who died not long after.

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