A Week In Film #428: SRSLY

The Last Man On The Moon title screenThe Last Man On The Moon
Nice little documentary about astronaut Eugene Cernan, the ‘last man to walk on the moon’ during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Well assembled by filmmaker Mark Craig.

London Has Fallen title screen
London Has Fallen
Astonishingly overblown gung ho franchise nonsense, relocated from the Washington D.C. of the original Olympus Has Fallen to the British capital. Presidential bodyguard Gerard Butler is now a full-blown sadistic fascist bully boy, his Commander-in-Chief Aaron Eckhart reduced to little more than a fleshy package to be delivered. The odd moderately interesting action sequence, but mostly a leaden melange of iffy digital effects and unimaginative staging, directed by the bloke who helmed the first Snabba Cash sequel, written by four people with the sorts of names that should you receive an email from them you’d immediately consign it to the spam folder.

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