A Week In Film #425: Into 2017

Rogue Agent title screen
Rogue Agent
A young man recruited into a private intelligence company subcontracted for the CIA soon finds himself out of his depth after his first operation goes tits-up. James Floyd is convincingly sub-par; Anthony LaPaglia provides heft as his new boss. Decent, un exemplary thriller from director Kai Barry and writing collaborator Igbal Ahmed.

Cold Comes The Night title screen
Cold Comes The Night
Pleasingly twisted neonoir about a single mom (Alice Eve) who gets stuck between a rock and a hard place after a mob bagman (Bryan Cranston) visits the sleazy motel where she works as a receptionist. Writers Oz Perkins and Nick Simon play with the conventions of the femme fatale, whilst director Tze Chun provides confident direction.

Too Late title screen
Too Late
Ambitious sunshine gumshoe noir from Dennis Hauck, who breaks up his story – about a private dick (John Hawkes – Sol Starr from Deadwood) searching for justice for a woman (Crystal Reed) – into five long single take scenes. He also messes up the narrative timeline, keeping the audience on its toes, and throws in some nice red herrings along the way, whilst hinting at seventies dick updates (Elliott Gould, James Garner, Paul Newman). Excellent turns from Dash Mihok and Vail Bloom, and Robert Forster and Jeff Fahey are solid in their little corner of the film.

High-Rise title screen
Ben Wheatley’s adaptation of JG Ballard’s novel didn’t seem to get unanimous acclaim when it came out, but I thought it succeeded on every level – great cast (Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller, Elizabeth Moss, Luke Evans, Peter Ferdinando, Augustus Prew, Keeley Hawes, Jeremy Irons), looks beautiful, perfect soundtrack (Clint Mansell), and a fine update of the early seventies social satire/post-apocalypse shocker.

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