A Week In Film #355: Traipsing

Lantana title screen
Relationship/crime drama, with Anthony LaPaglia, Rachael Blake, Kerry Armstrong, Geoffrey Rush and Barbara Hershey. Absorbing stuff from Ray Lawrence.

10 To Midnight title screen
10 To Midnight
More J Lee Thompson/Charles Bronson exploitation stuff, here with the moustachioed one as a cop on the trail of a sado-sexual killer. Very much mediocre at best.

The Legend Of Billie Jean title screen
The Legend Of Billie Jean
Fed up of being treated like shit, trailer park kids Helen Slater, Yardley Smith and Christian Slater go on the run pursued by the law after an accidental shooting; they capture the imagination of young people everywhere. Not as great or iconic as it could be, but interesting. Possibly director Matthew Robbins’ best.

Colors title screen
Old LAPD warhorse Robert Duvall tries to school new buck Sean Penn in the ways of the street in the Gang Unit. Decent mainstream stuff from Dennis Hopper.

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