A Week In Film #313: Furrens

The Square title screen
The Square (2008)
Bringing to mind the Coens’ Blood Simple, here we have the Egerton brothers (Nash and Joel) serving up a dark feast of tragic inevitability when deceit and carnality spiral out of control for adulterers David Roberts and Claire van der Roberts. At times properly terrifying, and some wonderfully ‘unAustralian’ visuals.

Les Lyonnais AKA A Gang Story
Superb, lyrical, measured lament for youth and acceptance of one’s fate, fermented through a genre tale of gangsters. Olivier Marchal captures marvellous performances from older actors including Daniel Duval, Gérard Lanvin, Tchéky Karyo and Lionel Astier. A real treat after the pornography of nostalgic violence presented in similarly themed films of recent times.

À Bout Portant
Frantic peril/chase thriller from director Fred Cavayé, with nurse Gilles Lellouche caught up in a battle of wits between ruthless villain Roschdy Zem (Indigènes, 36 Quai Des Orfevres) and bent cops. At times exhilarating, and easily the match of similar US movies.

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