A Week In Film #288: HOT

Dredd title screen
Pretty darn good effort from Pete Travis to translate the 2000AD dystopia of Mega City One, its attendant mythos and innumerable characters into a single, coherent movie with a decent beginning-middle-end plot.

Sure, the uniforms and Lawmaster bikes and Lawgiver guns don’t look exactly like what’s in the comics, but seriously, is that really what you care about? We have Karl Urban’s chin, Olivia Thirlby nailing it as a young Anderson, and Lena Headey as a great baddie. Decent action sequences, a lick of a pace, not too much exposition crammed in, with plenty of space for future films.

Filth title screen
Another Irvine Welsh adaptation, and sadly it doesn’t match up to the trailers, which made it look like it would be great. It’s not. It’s watchable, with a bit of visual flair from director Jon S Baird, but it’s not Trainspotting. And no tapeworm!

Informant title screen
Interesting subject matter – the turning of a self-identified anarchist activist, Brandon Darby, into an FBI informant/agent provocateur and then right wing campaigner.

As an article on Vice’s Motherboard site notes, the way the documentary is framed works disproportionately in Darby’s favour, despite still making him look like a douche. His constantly changing story is never fully challenged, and for the most part the film becomes a he-said-she-said between him and the voices of the many activists he betrayed or set up.

That said, the onscreen reaction of Scott Crow to yet another Darby bullshit-and-testosterone story put to him by the unseen producer is a powerful rebuttal.

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