A Week In Film #283: Like a pro

[Le Serpent title screen]
Le Serpent
Get this: a French thriller based on a novel by Ted Lewis, whose ‘Jack’s Return Home’ was the basis for Get Carter. Here we have a poncey fashion photographer (Yvan Attal) finding his marriage on the rocks and now being fitted up by a mysterious man from his past (Clovis Cornillac). Cue 80s yuppie revenge-type fightback.

Up to that point it is all quite Gallicly slow-burning – but then it’s foot on the gas and away we speed to Sillyland.

A Show Of Force title screen
A Show Of Force
In the vein of Missing or Under Siege, here we have an American TV reporter (Amy Irving) investigating the apparent foiling of a terrorist attack in Puerto Rica – only to discover dark forces at work.

Strong cast – including Robert Duvall, Erik Estrada(!), Lou Diamond Phillips, Andy García and a rather scary early appearance from Kevin Spacey – and interesting true life material (the Cerro Maravilla Massacre of 1978) is rather let down by perfunctory direction (Bruno Barreto) and indifferent script (Evan Jones and John Strong). And by trying to have a Scooby Doo-style resolution at the end. Shame.

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