A Week In Film #263: And then some…

Shakespeare In Love title screen
Shakespeare In Love
It was on, I watched it. Moderately amusing, but I’m hardly a scholar, and I think I’ve had all my interest wring out of me on previous viewings.

Gravity title screen
Alfonso Cuarón does Lost In Space literally, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Some awesome visuals – and like with Children Of Men there are some amazing touches which seamlessly put the viewer right where the character is. And the 3D really worked well.

Nice to see a big film which puts a woman front and centre, without tits & arse, in what is a part that could easily have been given to a man.

For me, a success. (Apart from the twat that decided they needed to scrimmage past me to go to the toilet 15 minutes before the end.)

The Innocent Sleep title screen
The Innocent Sleep
This is a film I’ve been after for ages, having heard it touched on the death of Roberto Calvi. It was the first film I ever added to my IMDb MyMovies Must See list. So, thanks Mother.

Let’s not get carried away – this is not an exceptionally good film. However, it is an admirably competent, noirish modern thriller from writer Ray Villis and director Scott Michell, neither of whom seem to have done much before or since.

Plotwise we have a homeless Scouse (Weston’s own Rupert Graves) witnessing A Very Bad Thing whilst sleeping rough in London. Local journo Annabel Sciorra and wise old alkie Graham Crowden try to help. John Hannah lends a bit of support, Michael Gambon is scary.

Some good location work, good lighting, good stunts – and a pretty good premise. Definitely would have benefited from some more attention to the detail of the script, and Graves cannot do a Liverpudlian accent.

National Security title screen
National Security
Seriously mediocre action comedy in the vein of mismatched cop duos like Lethal Weapon or Bad Boys – this time with sacked patrolman Steve Zahn forced to buddy up with the police academy reject Martin Lawrence, who just happens to be the man who lost him his job! Uh, yes. Oh, and there’s a gaming of bad people who did some bad stuff, and our bickering heroes zzzzz….

Seriously, not even I can say that this is anything worth your time. I got into an argument with the LLF, because she said it was a *** film and I maintain it’s only a **.

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