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A Week In Film #250: On recommendation

Pain & Gain title screen

Pain & Gain
A Michael Bay film I didn’t hate! A bunch of moronic, roidal Miami bodybuilders take self-help videos a bit too seriously and become gangsters; it doesn’t end happily. Distastefully executed when compared against the real-life stories that inspired it, but an entertaining ride skilfully executed.

The Iceman title screen

The Iceman
A pretty strong based-on-true-life biopic of mob assassin Richard Kuklinski, played to full chilling effect by solid journeyman Michael Shannon. Nice turns from the likes of Robert Davi, Chris Evans, James Franco and even David Schwimmer. First film of Ariel Vronen’s I’ve seen, very promising.

A Week In Film #249: Raising the game

Curtin title screen
A not very exciting biopic about John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia during World War Two. William McInnes seems okay in the lead, but it’s all very hagiographic and pedestrian.

The Grifters title screen
The Grifters
All the long con flicks are essentially the same, but at least this one throws in an interesting Greek tragedy curveball. What’s not to like about the John Cusack/Annette Bening/Anjelica Huston triangle? And great support from the likes of JT Walsh, Stephen Tobolowsky and Pat Hingle at terrifying gang boss Bobo.