A Week In Film #233: Breaking the back

Neprijatelj title screen

Neprijatelj AKA The Enemy
Atmospheric psychological horror film set on the Serb-Muslim frontline in the early days of the pre-Dayton ceasefire, with a battle-weary Bosnian Serb mine-clearing team having to deal with strange goings on.

Director Dejan Zecevic gets strong performances out of his cast, and he ratchets up the terror with great economy – this is a haunted house picture with no bells or whistles…

The Long Kiss Goodnight title screen

The Long Kiss Goodnight
By no means perfect, but silly and enjoyable, with great rapport between Geena Davis as the amnesiac ex-assassin-turned all-American apple pie suburban mom, and Samuel L Jackson as the down-at-heel gumshoe she hires to try and make sense of her forgotten past.

The whole conspiracy thing is very silly, but that doesn’t matter – we just want to see explosions, asskickings and a few well-delivered Shane Black bons mots. It’s almost enough to make you forget this is a Renny Harlin film.

Devil's Playground title screen

Devil’s Playground
A promising low budget British zombie horror flick, but ultimately a wasted opportunity.

Screenwriter Bart Ruspoli and Mark McQueen borrow freely from the likes of 28 Days Later and Dawn Of The Dead (right down to policemen attempting to escape in a hellcopter), which in itself isn’t a bad thing – but slowing things down as they do in too many scenes here is.

An interesting cast – Danny Dyer has top billing, though it’s essentially a bit part; Craig Fairbrass battles valiantly in the lead role as an unlikeable private security goon seeking redemption; MyAnna Buring is – as always – a pure professional, even in such an underwritten role as here. Oh, and Colin Salmon gets to look stern and swear as a corporate arsehole, whilst Sean Pertwee does his semi-comedy copper turn.

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