A Week In Film #285: Le Flix

Street Thief title screen
Street Thief
Decent addition to the fake documentary thriller, with an indie filmmaker (Frank Zieger as Rob Rodgers) trailing a professional commercial burglar, Kaspar Karr (played by actual director Malik Bader), as he prepares and executes big (but not too big) scores – until things go very quiet. Just enough tension and unexpected moments to keep you interested, without breaking the docu-feel.

Cropsey title screen
On the other hand, this is a genuine documentary – about how Staten Island failed its mentally ill citizens and indigent children, and how this may be connected to the urban legend surrounding a boogeyman called ‘Cropsey’ and a series of child disappearances – feels like a fake doc. Very confusing. Interesting topic, though.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files title screen
The Jeffrey Dahmer Files
Sober look at Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, mostly via people who had known him.

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