A Week In Film #219: Welcome to 2013 (steam rising)

THitler's SS: Portrait Of Evil title screen

Hitler’s SS: Portrait Of Evil
Well, those SS were a rum bunch, weren’t they? Bill Nighy and John Shea play a pair of brothers from Stuttgart whose varying fortunes through the 1930s and 40s give us our hook into what can only be described as a ‘Nazi Greatest Hits’ TV movie: Economic collapse! Degenerate Weimar nightclub comics! Them SA dudes were totally gay! Night of the Long Knives! Kristallnacht! (“If I had any Jewish friends I would advise them to keep their heads down for a few days…”) Invading Poland! Invading Russia! Heydrich assassinated! Trains to the death camps! Berlin in ruins! All a bit pants, really.

Aus Liebe Zum Volk title screen

Auf Liebe Zum Volk AKA I Love You All!
Well put together documentary – archive images, ethereal voices, lingering eye – on the work of the Stasi in East Germany, through the stories of those who worked for it.

Marele Jaf Comunist title screen

Marele Jaf Comunist AKA Great Communist Bank Robbery
Fascinating documentary about a propaganda documentary made by the Romanian Soviet regime about a bank robbery.

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