A Week In Film #216: Working through the chaff till the New Year

Massacre In Rome title screen

Massacre In Rome
Sober reconstruction of the Ardeatine massacre, in which German and Salo Republic authorities executed hundreds of Italian civilians in retaliation for a partisan attack. Richard Burton plays a SiPo chief charged with making it happen, and George P Cosmatos directs with methodological, even plodding, efficiency.

Return From The River Kwai title screen

Return From The River Kwai
War-movie-by-numbers, with some suspiciously non-malnourished PoWs trying to escape from Japanese custody. Just really not very good at all.

Love, Honour And Obey title screen

Love, Honour And Obey
I wanted to revisit the late-90s Brit gangster/Primrose Hill Set body of work. It really is was bad as we thought. Jonny Lee Miller, Jude Law, Ray Winstone and half the cast of Operation Good Guys ponce around semi-improvising transgressively violent skits for no point whatever.

I.D. title screen

Previously I saw this as a slightly clumsy early attempt at a football hooligan film; but on reflection that’s just the background scenery – it’s about the betrayals and mixed loyalties of a professional liar, the undercover cop John (Reece Dinsdale). Post-Mark Kennedy/Stone, this is a lot clearer, and it helps make for a better film. A solidly made film from Phil Davis.

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