A Week In Film #214: LEAK

Dreams Of A Life title screen

Dreams Of A Life
Very powerful documentary by Carol Morley, reconstructing the life of a woman, Joyce Vincent, whose corpse was found in her London bedsit three years after she died, through the memories of her friends.

The Alcohol Years title screen

The Alcohol Years
Another one from Carol Morley – this time tracing back her own biography as a perpetually-boozed up, risk-taking young woman in early 1980s Manchester, again through the impressions and recollections of those who knew her. Much less narcissistic than that sounds.

Spivs title screen

Colin Teague follows up Shooters, his afore-mentioned 2002 better-than-average London gangster potboiler (co-directed with Glenn Durfort), with this little tale about a conman and his crew.

A familiar tale: tired old confidence man Jack (Ken Stott), his protégé Steve (Nick Moran) and impetuous new assistant Jenny (Kate Ashfield) attempt to take the wrong people for a ride. Heavy shit goes down with some heavy hoods. But executed efficiently. A little pat at times, and the tone jumps about a bit, but good for what it is.

Hell Is A City title screen

Hell Is A City
Noirish, kitchen sink crime drama from 1960, with Manc cop Inspector Martineau (Stanley Baker) taking on violent escaped blagger Don Starling (John Crawford). Excellent kind of proto-Sweeney.

Hell Drivers title screen

Hell Drivers
More hell for Stanley Baker, this time as an ex-con who ends up working for a bent haulage company, with memorable early appearances from Patrick McGoohan, Sean Connery, Jill Ireland, Gordon Jackson and David McCallum. Herbert Lom does a nice turn as a heart-in-the-right-place pal, and Peggy Cummins makes a grand femme fatale.

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