A Week In Film #205: Crap shoot

Silly twist thriller with mild neonoir overtones, where the twist is entirely foreseeable and thrills nigh on non-existent.

Ewan McGregor is a nerdy auditor stitched up by beefy conman Hugh Jackman, with Michelle Williams and an upscale sex club thrown into the mix. Marcel Langenegger directs with all the ’empty style’ settings up on eleven.

The International
Interpol investigator Clive Owen and Manhattan ADA Naomi Watts investigate a corrupt bank, but come up against obstacles. Cue assassinations all over the shop, higher-ups closing down lines of inquiry, shady arms deals and a gunfight at the New York Guggenheim.

Director Tom Tykwer (Lola Rennt) tried for the Pakula-style 70s paranoia vibe, mined some interesting seams, but ended up a generic, somewhat dull thrillless thriller. A shame, because the BCCI/Roberto Calvi/JFK notes really could have resonated strongly if played better. The borrows from The Fugitive and Running Scared were less successful. The Istanbul rooftop foot chase was hackneyed. The Guggenheim gunplay looked silly, unconvincing.

Still, not all bad: the score – credited to Tykwer and his long-term collaborators Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek, worked well (rather reminiscent of The Raid: Redemption).

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