A Week In Film #186: Steam’s up (still)

Norwegian heist movie, based on a real robbery, directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg, who did Insomnia. No moments of cowboy heroism, wisecracking or smooth sailing for anyone (blaggers, coppers or passersby); small things go wrong all over the shop, for all concerned. The audience is there, poking its head over everyone’s shoulder, but we are kept at a distance from anyone’s reasons or inner dialogue.

Der Räuber
Austrian drama about a bankrobbing long distance robber, ‘based on a true story’ and all that, directed by Benjamin Heisenberg. Again, if you come away thinking you know anyone’s motivation, then you’ve invented it yourself, or read something into an expression or an action.

Prometheus title screen
My first experience of 3D in the cinema, and I thought Ridley Scott handled it well, using it to add depth to a shot rather than for cheap thrills.

Now, the film – obviously there was now way it was going to match the expectations of fanboys, but as a pre-Alien film I thought it worked remarkably well, especially in the way it played with the accepted canon. The fresh look at the Space Jockey got me from leftfield.

On the other hand, the cast was too big, and characterisation too thin. The prologue sequence, and the set-up on Earth at the beginning, were unnecessary. Accents seemed to have been randomly assigned.

But a strong 8/10, and a good foundation for some more movies.

Pretty engaging Pixar cartoon about a rat named Remy who loves to cook, and kitchen boy Linguini, who wants to cook but can’t. They begin a partnership, there’s a romantic sub-plot, a dastardly restaurant owner to overcome, and a key food critic to impress.

Charming, if not outstanding.

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