A Week In Film #169: SHUT IT

British based-on-TV-shows films from the seventies have a bit of a bad rep, but this spin-off is a solid little thriller.

Okay, so it’s basically a Jack Regan solo album – Carter doesn’t really get a look-see – and there’s a lot of faces recycled from the series but in different roles (Lynda Bellingham, Colin Welland, Ian Bannen etc), but it is pretty damn taut (if you can excuse the almost comically British chase sequences – “Quick! Run down the fire escape of this anonymous concrete office block! Head for the bus!”), and streaked with darkness.

Having said that, the LLF did cry with laughter at the pay-off line at the end.

A silly film – all po-faced ‘true story’ stuff – that is overdone and in need of a fat trimming. But some nice performances, a few decent set pieces. Saw it in the cinema when it came out; I remember thinking at the time that the De Niro bit part had been properly stretched out. Plus it was a long film, and my arse went numb (at the pictures, I mean).

The Time-Traveler’s Wife

Didn’t expect to like it, but was hooked. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams made for effervescent chemistry. Robert Schwentke directed all the complicated jumping around very professionally, and made it feel effortlessly disorientating, but not messy.

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