A Week In Film #168: A taxing time

The Omega Man
“What’s this about?” asks the LLF. I explain that it’s basically the same as I Am Legend, that Will Smith film we saw recently (and based on the same Richard Matheson novel as this – qv The Last Man On Earth).

She said let’s have a crack. I warned her it was of its time. She promised to try and not laugh. She broke her promise.

Charlton Heston does Charlton Heston; Anthony Zerbe is great as the ex-news anchor turned millenarian primitivist.

And can you believe she’d never seen Paul Verhoeven’s ultrabrutal social satire on capitalism, yuppies and the militarisation of law enforcement? Kudos to her for sticking through it to the end, though. “It was more violent than I thought it would be.”

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