A Week In Film #150: On hols

Norwegian documentary-style trollhunting shenanigans. Well-executed good fun that extends beyond the limitations of The Last Broadcast/Blair Witch Project-style found footage schtick.

Ultimately disappointing reboot of the safari hunting aliens franchise, this time round with a motley crew of killers dropped onto an unknown planet for the sport of vagina-faced extra-terrestrials.

Adrien Brody (what’s with the whole pumped-up look? Some sort of BDD backlash thing?) leads as a one-dimensional mercenary with the most improbable looking movie gun since Men In Black.

Vantage Point
Promises much, delivers short. Dennis Quaid is a Secret Service agent chasing down the terrorist plot to assassinate the US President in real time – half a dozen times in a row.

Interesting technical premise – replaying the same events from a number of different perspectives, each revealing a little more about the plot – but in a bid to hold the audience’s attention, director Pete Travis ends up surrendering to ever more implausible leaps between segments.

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