A Week In Film #146: Settling in

The Inbetweeners Movie
Talk about nostalgia – popular British sitcom hits creative brick wall so sends cast on holiday to a sunny European beach.

It’s moderately funny, especially if you like (the first two seasons of) the TV show, but it’s standard three act story arc, complete with happy ending and all the loose ends tied up, is unsatisfyingly satisfying, especially given how the series is about, well, thoroughly average, ordinary, mundane teenagers, and not about remarkable or heroic people. Still, it was nice to get out to the cinema for the first time in ages.

The first film we watched in our new hovel! Not seen this for many, many years, and it met the expectations of my favourable if faint memories.

Based on a Whitley Strieber (remember him? The chap who swore blind he’d been abducted by aliens) novel, you have to remember that this is not a werewolf picture… But there’s certainly something lupine lurking around pre-gentrification South Bronx.

Albert Finney and Gregory Hines make an excellent odd couple pair of detectives trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Diane Venora (she who was Vincent’s wife in Heat) has a fairly meaty early role, and Tom Noonan (later the Tooth Fairy in Manhunter, before a quick turn of his own in Heat) has a nice cameo. Edward James Olmos is a mysterious AIM-style American Indian. Documentarian Michael Wadleigh directs with great skill, squeezing all sorts of frights out of what could have been schlock horror. Recommended.

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