A Week In Film #143: Riot grrrners

Tears Of The Sun
Much as I once bought underachieving period cop noir Mulholland Falls instead of a similarly monickered David Lynch film, somehow I confused this crappy gun ho Bruce Willis auctioneer for Japanese war torture exploitation picture Hēi Tài Yáng 731. Oh how I laughed.

Brooklyn’s Finest
Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) tries for an Altman-type converging threads police flick, doesn’t really work though. Three very different New York cops (Ethan Hawke, Richard Gere, Don Cheadle) suffer very different breakdowns.

Solomon Kane
Dire comic book adaptation, with James Purefoy as a puritan avenger, or something. A shame, as I rather enjoyed director Michael J Bassett’s debut Deathwatch, and his follow-up Wilderness seemed diverting too.

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