A Week In Film #131: Resisters & traceurs

Max Manus
Gritty based-on-true-events movie about a Norwegian Resistance fighter in World War Two. Some strong performances, especially from Aksel Hennie in the eponymous lead, but a little too much Boys’ Own derring do, with all too familiar tropes dominating.

Flammen & Citronen
Gritty based-on-true-events movie about a pair of Danish Resistance fighters in World War Two. Thure Lindhardt as Bent Faurschou-Hviid (AKA Flammen) and Mads Mikkelsen as Jørgen Haagen Schmith (AKA Citron) are excellent, conveying the mounting stress of their relentless murder campaign against collaborators and Nazis. Fine direction from Ole Christian Madsen, with some interesting flourishes and good pace.

Yamakasi: Les Samouraïs Des Temps Modernes
Whilst Banlieue 13 could hardly be said to have had a particularly deep plot or complex characterisation, it did at least provide a set-up that gave us all an excuse to enjoy the parkour – freerunning outlaw and martial arts cop team up to take on the bad guys and disable the missile – which it delivered in imaginative set pieces and at a fair lick.

Yamakasi on the other hand doesn’t really even try, and its own action sequences seem, well, boring. And the whole robbing-hospital-trustees’-houses-to-pay-hospital-for-boy’s-treatment storyline seems pointlessly banal. It’s like a Children’s Film Foundation flick, with more hoofing around and no slap-up feed at the end.

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