A Week In Film #129: Thursday night is RIOT NIGHT

Target For Rage AKA Detention: The Siege At Johnson High
Competent, reasonably gripping drama about a school shooting (based on that at Lindhurst High School in 1992), in which a former pupil with a grudge returns to his alma mater and blasts away at students and teachers alike.

Rick Schroder from NYPD Blue is the shooter – and it’s like watching Joey Tribiani trying to act – whilst Henry ‘The Fonz’ Winkler is a much-derided sherriff’s deputy who somehow ends up as hostage negotiator and Freddie Prinze, Jnr is a hostage.

Massacre At Central High
Bizarre high school horror by Rene Daalder, where cliques and bullying are the rule of the day, and seemingly without any adults or teaching staff. Heathers basically seems to have been built on the wholesale theft of Massacre At Central High.

Interesting film, terrible transfer quality.

Kung Fu Flid AKA Unarmed But Dangerous
What can I say? Seriously, one of the worst films I’ve ever watched. It took me at least three different sittings it’s so painful. Mat Fraser – an actor/martial artist born with foreshortened arms due to thalidomide – plays a martial artist whose daughter (for reasons too boring/convoluted/stupid to go into here) has been kidnapped by gangsters. Obviously he’s on the warpath. Frank Harper (a decent actor, FFS!) is the mob boss ultimately responsible, Faye Tozer from Steps is his moll, and there are various other half-recognisable faces from other half-arsed Brit gangster nonsense (like Turbo Terry Stone, who again seems to have scored his cameo because he put up cash for the producers).

Look, all of the above might have made this sound like it’s worth catching, out of curiosity if nothing else. But seriously, don’t bother. I can recommend nothing about it – acting, direction, editing, script, action sequences, special effects: all of it is nails-down-a-blackboard unpleasant.

Full Metal Jacket
You know it, I know it, let’s not waste words going over what it’s about. This time round watched it with a commentary track featuring Vincent D’Onofrio, which was rather illuminating.

Sixteen Candles
John Hughes/Molly Ringwald/Anthony Michael Hall FTW! “Score. A. Direct. Hit!”

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