A Week In Film #123: Vinyl flooring

Two dirty cops (Clifton Collins Jnr and Cuba Gooding Jnr) in a dirty anti-gang unit (led by Keith David and Cole Hauser) get up to gangster naughtiness in a dirty city (LA).

Some flashy, arty touches from director Chris Fisher (who was also responsible for the similarly aim-high-deliver-low Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders) and some decent character actors (Robert LaSardo, Wood Harris) aren’t enough to raise the game beyond watchable. It has no coherence, no backbone, and the few flourishes there are just leave you wondering why nobody thought to tone it up at the script stage.

Seems to be trying to bolt on all the guilt/redemption themes and hallucinatory visuals from Take to the Rampart-style cop scandal of Training Day or Street Kings. This definitely does not work.

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