A Week In Film #120: Cruise control

James And The Giant Peach
Very enjoyable stop motion/live action adaptation of Roald Dahl’s tale of a boy who escapes his tyrannous aunts aboard a large fruit with the company of talking bugs (and a worm). Beautifully put together, loved it when I saw it in the cinema, love it now.

The Untouchables
Brian De Palma does Prohibition – some bravura scenes (overhead opener, cavalry charge on the Canadian border, the assassination attempt on Sean Connery, the Odessa Steps in Union Street Station, De Niro’s baseball bat-assisted pep talk, Nitti cornered on the roof), solid David Mamet scripting, brash performances. Overall thoroughly watchable, if very silly and unhistorical. I mean, dammit, it has Connery doing an Oirish accent, Andy Godfather III Garcia hamming it up (again) as Italian-American, and Kevin Costner as the lead.

North By Northwest
Hitchcock’s perfect thriller – SEX SEX SEX!

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