A Week In Film #116: Solids

Thoroughly efficient Hitchcock, with great visual effects, and the reveal nudged way up the running order in order to wrench extra surprises right at the end. Sterling work.

You, Me And Dupree
Terrible reviews, but it makes I laugh – Owen Wilson slacking it, Matt Dillon at his most constipated, Kate Hudson making up the numbers.

Kelly’s Heroes
Well, you can’t turn it down if it’s up there on the screen whilst the gogglebox is on.

The Matrix
Never actually seen it – well, not in its entirety – and whilst it’s not really my kind of thing, it was decent enough, if not as good as Inception, Equilibrium or Dark City.

Years since I first saw it, but it stands up: young police recruit Jennifer Jason Leigh is recruited to be veteran undercover cop Jason Patric’s partner in mid-seventies smalltown Texas; hilarity ensues. Well, obviously it doesn’t, but it is fairly gripping stuff, based on the novel by Kim Wozencroft, who was a narc in similar circumstances, and who served gaol time for some of what she got up to. Pretty good stuff from one-time movie director Lili Fini Zanuck.

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