A Week In Film #100: Hols an ting!

Quite possibly the best serial killer film I’m seen, with Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker, Take) getting under the skin of Midwest killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Writer-director David Jacobson handles the material sensitively (well, as sensitively as you can with the story of a fellow who killed more than a dozen people and kept bits of the bodies), and does well to give his Dahmer something approaching depth. Renner is superb. Highly recommended.

Role Models
Very silly comedy about a pair of humps (Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott) who end up on a probation programme having to mentor troubled youths (foul-mouthed Bobb’e J Thompson and pre-Superbad Christopher Mintz-Plasse). I proper LOLed, but everyone else went to bed before it finished.

American Movie
Amazing documentary by Chris Smith about would-be Milwaukee horror auteur Mark Borchardt, a man who sees himself as the new Tarantino-meets-Romero, and his efforts to get his meisterwerk Northwestern made…

True human comedy, great fun, packed with amazing (but real) characters, full of pathos, and of course MIKE SCHRANK, Mark’s acid-addled best friend, a man of few (coherent) words. If you’ve never seen it, do 🙂

Män Som Hatar Kvinnor AKA The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
That Swedish thriller movie based on that Swedish thriller novel by that Swedish dead guy Stieg Larsson. Alright, I guess.

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