A Week In Film #060: Another begins

All The President’s Men
The in-laws got me a double DVD copy of ATPM, and very pleased with it I was too. Might have bored the LLF to death with my talk of dioptric lenses, though.

The Big Easy
I love this film, probably for the same reason I love Sea Of Love – both feature Ellen Barkin, and I first saw both aged about 12.

But this is a good, fun neo noir, set in New Orleans with Dennis Quaid as an easy-going cop trying to keep the lid on a spate of tit-for-tat gangland slayings whilst uptight DA Barkin comes sniffing round corruption allegations.

A definite chemistry between the two leads, some nice taut storytelling, and interesting characters mean you don’t really care about shonky Cajun accents and all that. Well, I don’t, not when I’m watching Ellen Barkin’s ‘foxy-aunt-stricken-by-minor-stroke’ phizzog.

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